Can Diesel Generators Run on Vegetable Oil?

Vegetable oil is a great alternative to traditional diesel fuel for powering diesel engines. It can be used as pure vegetable oil (SVO) or as a biodiesel after conversion. It can be used for cars, cooking, or stationary to power machinery or an electricity generator. The advancement of biofuels does not require any adaptation for the installed generators, the company said.

However, when it comes to fuels such as animal fat and pure vegetable oil, the generator will require a special conversion. On a more limited scale and on an individual level, it is possible to convert diesel cars to run on used vegetable oil. This means that you can buy diesel generators that are perfectly capable of producing electricity from vegetable oil. To do this, there must be a relay that instructs the solenoids to open and close in the respective diesel and vegetable oil tanks.

Last year, it was announced that investments were made to improve a French facility where nearly 17,000 generators are manufactured each year. The green movement is gaining momentum as we move into this new decade, and diesel generator operators are feeling pressure to become greener fuel sources. This can be achieved after the preprogrammed operating time of the generator has expired and a “warm-up period” can be programmed. Rudolf Diesel's original diesel engine, built in 1893, was designed to run on a variety of oils.

It is more efficient to generate electricity from biofuels and then power electric cars than to burn the fuel directly in internal combustion engines. Before looking for that crunchy bottle of old chip oil in the back of your pantry, call S&A Generators to see if your generator can run on biodiesel.